Praise for
The Future That Brought Her Here

"A magical and mysterious memoir, The Future that Brought her Here explores the emerging archetype of Mary Magdalene as an image of the desperation and hope for spiritual regeneration we all feel in politically and spiritually uncertain times. In an era of academic dryness and almost illiterate new age enthusiasm, DeNicola is that rarest of writers, a true visionary, whose lucid prose both startles and informs, frequently bursting into the lyrical intensity of finely crafted poems. Her words are as sensuous and soothing to the inner eye and ear as the ideas she presents are titillating to the spirit." 

--Kurt Leland, author of Otherwhere, Music of the Soul, The Unanswered Question and The Multidimensional Human: Astral Projection as a Spiritual Practice (forthcoming)

"The sensual-mystic poet Deborah DeNicola has given us a lovely, thoughtful memoir of her long extraordinary, painful and enlightening journey. She begins in Jung and ends in a deeper understanding of herself and of life, along the way floating us downstream through the ages of esoteric understanding, to arrive finally in the vast ocean of collective realization. Her story is a page-turner, ushering us into new awarenesses. This is an important book for our time, embodying in one brave woman's course in life, our culture's story of the past thirty years, as we, like DeNicola, stand on the verge of the New Paradigm."

Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, author of Memoirs of a Shape Shifter

"DeNicola tells us story after story. Rich, full, interior."

The Huffington Post

" . . . an inspiring read, especially for women."
The Midwest Review

"One of the few-few books Ive seen in the last twenty years that I couldnt, couldnt put down."
Ibbetson Press Review

“DeNicola tells us story after story. Rich, full, interior. Seeking validation of her own mystical experiences, she validates those of her readers . . . Interspersed through her written journey are divine poems. I mean divine in the holiest sense. Deborah DeNicola is an inspired poet. She uses her artistry to understand her world.”
—Dr. Susan Corso, The Huffington Post

The Huffingtonton Post

“There are many new voices crying out in the wilderness that are beginning to be heard. Deborah Denicola is one of those voices. She writes about ALL THINGS THAT MATTER and that is why her book appears here . . .”

Phillip Harris - All Things that Matter

“It's the kind of metaphysical read that you really want to savor rather than rush through.  While reading, I have felt compelled to stop and journal or check out her source material and otherwise delve into my own psyche or spirit to test the truth of her words.”

Dee Savoy,  

—on a mission from Goddess

“One of the few-few books I’ve seen in the last twenty years that I couldn’t, couldn’t put down.”
—Hugh Fox, Ibbestson Press

Boston area small press and poetry scene


“Beyond Fabulous, “

“Insightful and heart-opening”

“A spellbinding memoir”

“A gem”

“A Magical Mystery Tour”

“Lyrical, deeply revelatory, an important read,

“Constantly intelligent, intimate and questioning.


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